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The Upper Room and the King's Canopy

We now worship the Lord in Spirit and truth, as revealed by Christ, thus the ‘Upper Rooms’ of prayer (‘houses’ of prayer/intercession, worship, word, and His presence) are not so much about high places – certainly not like the pagans (Lev. 17:3,4; 1 Kings 3:2-4; 2 Kings 22:) – rather they are about places of encounter and ‘watch’ with God as led by His Spirit. These upper rooms are also about occupation and reign in heavenly places. Their placement maybe in a home, on a mountain, in an office, above a church, all as prepared by Jesus. God is near wherever we are (Acts 17:27; Jeremiah 23:23), so there is no need to go to high places to find Him. Rather we are called to realms of His presence where the Lord calls us to watch over and occupy spiritual realms (including authorities) over places, regions, or homes (all can be called a ‘house’). He also calls us up to such places where we receive new, powerful, revelations that bring new life (e.g. Apostle Peter in Act 10:9,10; the Apostles at Passover in Mark 14; and the disciples at Pentecost in Acts 1:12,13). Such upper room encounters bring changes to us, and the earthly realm around us. The Bible would tell us that these ‘upper rooms’ are also a place where the resurrection of life will occur, both physically and spiritually (1 Kings 17:17-23; 2 Kings 4:20-35; Luke 8:51-55; Acts 9:37,39). Ascending to the upper room is a way of reminding our bodies (the earthly tents) that our true person abides in the third heaven, seated with Christ (Eph. 2:6; Heb. 12:20). There is a season upon which requires us to enter this most Holy place. The Lord will show us where this upper room of prayer is, having prepared it. He will cause the anointed to lead us to them (Mark 14:13-15). Perhaps He has even called some to make ready such a place (2 Kings 4:10; Luke 22:11,12). In the seasons of God these encounters are necessary: Moses and Joshua meeting with God on Mt Sinai; Elijah and Elisha on mountains and in their upper rooms; Peter, Andrew and John with God, Christ, Elijah and Moses on Mount of Transfiguration; the Apostles gathering with Christ in Last Supper gathering in the upper room; and the disciples waiting in the upper room for the Holy Spirit. In this unfolding revelation, now many more must once again ascend the stairs to wait on Him, and there is structure in the waiting. For we now enter the last days watch for Christ, and He is releasing trans-formative power from these places that will prepare the nations for His return…and bring new life.

So build your prayer towers, seated high up on the mountain of The Lord, interceding with Christ. Let us enter the upper room with the Holy Spirit seeing eye to eye with those who have also entered their prayer towers, and The Lord will stretch over us His canopy, being the shield to all that lie under its shadow. From these houses of prayer, where we gather to His presence as one in family, The Lord will cause fountains to be released, wells of old will spring forth, causing rivers to flow through the streets bringing forth flowers in the desert, life in the wilderness.

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