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Prophetic Intercession for Australia

Prophetic Word (December 2020)

'Australia, an ancient land, whose sound is heard in heaven, and with a troop the Lord has called to set free his people. Time for new beginnings, come quickly for your window of grace is narrowing. Trouble from the north beckons unless you will turn from your ways. Watch to the east, the waves do come. The South Land of the Holy Spirit has been blessed with the hand of grace to restore its foundations, to seek its Protector, and yet selfishness, greed, and neglect mar the way of men and women. The ‘church’ has forsaken His word, and ignored the Holy Spirit, preferring their own power and control over the ways of the Spirit of Jesus, and His headship. And so, you have been forced back into your homes, to turn to your Lord once again, even to cry out in repentance, seeking the way of the Christ, learning to know the Holy Spirit. The believers will be tested by His word, as He looks for those who faithfully endure to pursue His way. Blessings will come as the faithful stand strong in Him, burning as bright lights in the community. The words of Christ hang as a plum line across the nation, the Lord calling to its people to look again to Him. Refuges of the Lord will flourish, and ancient wells opened, as the new move of God can flourish from home to home, and park to park.'

Our Prayer

Calling a bird of prey from the east, the man who executes My counsel, from a far country. Indeed I have spoken it; I will also bring it to pass. I have purposed it; I will also do it. (Isaiah 46:11)

Father in heaven, we cry out to You for the nation of Australia, this part of Your southland of the Holy Spirit. We thank you that Your grace continues to protect this nation, and by Your mercy we are sustained. Lord, it is only by You we are spared the ravages of plague, and the sounds of war. It is in Your grace that natures convulsions are limited, and life spared. Thank you, God.

Lord we humbly beseech you, asking that Australia would truly be one nation under God. Let not the forces of disunity, under the guise of ‘federation’ or ’rights’ prosper, but rather may we gather under the name of Christ and honour the One Saviour. May Godly sorrow and forgiveness bring healing to the nation. Let the life and light of Jesus Christ our Lord cause darkness and death to recede, and His Government rest upon the governments of this land.

Cause the nation to again honour the Lord Jesus, turning afresh to Him with thanksgiving. Thank you that you raise up those who speak with the Father’s voice, creating new things for His kingdom, and causing Your word to prosper in Your power, bringing healing, life, resurrection, confession, and repentance.

Lord, may the kings of society and government come to You in praise and adoration, even humbling themselves upon their knees, kissing Your Son.

Father we are not worthy of Your mercy and rely on Your grace in Christ Jesus. May You send the troubler to the nations that would seek to bring trouble to this nation. For Your name, glory, and purposes for Australia let Your hand of grace and truth be revealed. In Your mercy You know who is needed to restore faith to this nation, and to build Your house. Send Your birds of prey from the east and north.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that by the Holy Spirit You continue to prepare Your Bride, the ecclesia of saints, the Church, pulling away the things of man, building on You the Cornerstone, and the sure foundations which You have laid down. Breathe afresh on us, fill us with Your wind, pour out Your refining fire. May the church of Australia become Your spotless Bride.

Come, Holy Spirit, come, prepare us for our Lord’s return. Let the wells open us in the wilderness, and the streams of God quench our thirsty land. And let Your rain fall, satiate us in the love and peace of God.

Praying all this in the name of Jesus Christ.

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