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God’s Community Cabinet

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

As we consider that we can ascend in to the Council of God, let us also understand how we can govern in Christ over our region.

By extension of our understanding of the Council of God, let us see how this council of God can be manifested on earth. A ‘Community Cabinet/Council’ is a group of devoted, loving, Christians who understand the legal position in His council, who seek God’s will and prophetic insight for a region – broad across the whole community, not only church. Principally they are about addressing God’s plan for a region.

The Government is upon the shoulder of Christ, and He has authority over all creation, and amazingly He calls us to join with Him.

The is a strong sense of the call of the Holy Spirit to this Cabinet, and the acknowledgement that it is lead by the Holy Spirit.

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In summary, the Cabinet key goals and operation is summarised as:

  • Effectively it is a governing body, whose members are there due to the call of God, the recognition of gifting, passions, and office – and acknowledged by the broader community.

  • It is not about democracy, it is much more about seeking God’s will, acknowledging His Kingdom has but one King...Him.

  • The council will provide guidance and insight in to issues and God’s plan for a region.

  • It will help it providing a consistent focus on key items, and ensure alignment to God’s blueprints.

  • Together in Christ they can enable resources – particularly supernatural provision.

  • Carries prophetic and apostolic authority

  • Portfolio responsibilities in terms of the assigned watch of the Lord, expertise, passion, gifting – however others can also speak in to the same areas. Something like ministerial portfolios, where the anointing of the Lord is there to understand God heart for that area, such as prosperity not poverty, families for the orphans and lonely, community infrastructure, family, government, employment, health, education, and so on.

  • Model of God’s government and will be a pre-cursor for all governments..if the follow His lead.

  • Initially such councils grow out of a key item or need, and through fruit broader roles and respect is developed.

  • In the natural sits alongside government structures (local, state, and federal), in terms of earthly outworking, and respects and honours those governments in accordance to the Lord. Spiritually though this Council is a higher authority..as long as they continue to honour the true King, and humble themselves before Him and others.

Thus this ‘Community Cabinet’ is the Ecclesia made manifest on earth as it is in heaven., and is a precursor to Christ’s return, as He prepares for the Kingdom Government on land. Having said that, it is something Christ commissioned us to manifest now.

In the natural it will work alongside existing governing structures, but not be bound to them and their decisions, as the only authority they fully submit to is God not man.

The Council will abide by the laws of the land where they do not contradict the instructions from God. Should the council, coming together in Christ God, discern that worldly governing authority is contradicting instructions from God, they cannot align for those items.

This is NOT about taking over local, state, or federal government. Rather it models the future of Government..to see Kingdom governance in operation. Christians will be welcomed to come and see how this is unfolding. The group understanding the broader responsibility and governing, means they will determine the focus for today, meanwhile looking to the future.

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