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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

In surprising places heavenly gates are found

Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it.” And he was afraid and said, “How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven!” (Genesis 28:16,17)

There are now a number of good resources from people such as Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacob, and others providing information and teaching on heaven gates as discerned in the prophetic times, and I seek to only add that which may help further our understanding in the Lord of His Kingdom. I understand that we look through a glass darkly and continually seek the Lord’s testing of this and the prophets input, and look to further revelation and clarity in the Lord. The following is submitted with all this in mind.

Moses was explicit, under God’s instruction, in determining when in the wilderness (Numbers 2:2) the tribes were required to take guard around the camp in the gates. The placement of the tribes in the Promised Land was specific, and also there role in supporting the Levites in the support of the tabernacle. King David, also under the Holy Spirit, understood the need to define particular gatekeeper and watchmen roles for Levites in the keeping of the tabernacle and the temple. All of this being shadows (see Hebrews) of heavenly things. This and other parts of the Bible then revealing the importance of tribal alignment, and under the New Covenant this extends to the Gentiles as well (see Revelation and the gospel reference to the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve Apostles and the kingdom rule of saints), and their spiritual connection via the grafting into the root of Israel.

In Ezekiel 48:30-35 we see God revealing the spiritual Jerusalem and Temple, a blueprint for the kingdom of God perhaps and one applying to God’s design on earth and in heaven. Revelations (e.g. see chapter 21) and Isaiah (e.g. chapter 54) provide some further insight on these. I believe as we begin to understand that we are living stones (1 Peter) and temples of the living God (1 Corinthians) and also required to build according to His plan, with Christ as the cornerstone, and the foundation of Apostle and Prophets, we to will see our place in the Kingdom of God and its structures. As seated with Him in heavenly places, co-labourers with Christ and the angelic hosts in His army, we need to work with such understandings to support God’s way.

Accordingly as we look into the structure revealed in Ezekiel 48, and Revelations 21, and understand the prophetic nature and meaning of the tribes and apostles we can understand the nature of the gates. The names of tribes and the prophecies spoken over them (see Gen. 29; 30; 35; 49; and Deut. 32) reveal aspects of these gates (as God would have appointed gatekeepers aligned to the gates). A journey I am just on with regards to the Apostles and their names (and lives) will also reveal more I believe as to the emphasis of these gates.

There are three gates in each direction (confirmed many times in Scripture) with the new structure revealed as such in Ezekiel 48. Their Hebrew meanings are in brackets.

1. North – Reuben (Son); Judah (Praise); Levi (Attached)

2. East – Joseph (He will add); Benjamin (Son of right hand); Dan (Judge)

3. South – Simeon (Heard); Issachar (Wages); Zebulon (Dwelling)

4. West – Gad (Troop/fortune); Asher (Happy); Naphtali (Wrestling)

As we look to the meaning, the prophetic words spoken over them, and then look at the lives of these we also see the following. There are also warnings of things that can be weaknesses that need to be guarded against.

  • North: Reuben – Firstborn, beginning of My strength, and excellence; With warnings about instability, not meeting ability to excel

  • North: Judah – Anointed one; Apostle; Whose brothers will praise; Lion, Sceptre holder; Law giver; All people bow; Wine/blood covered garments; eyes darker than wine – speaks of seeing mysteries; teeth whiter than milk

  • North: Levi – Priestly mantle; Intercessor; Minister to God and people; Warning of that which to guard against: Instrument of cruelty; divider/scattered in body; Wrath and slayer of men.

  • East: Joseph – King and Prophet; Fruitful bow; Strength of God (hands and bow); Blessings; Fathers joy; Blessed by the Father and fathers.

  • East: Benjamin – Devourer of prey (in a good sense); Ravenous wolf; Spirited and fierce; Warning: Can let fierceness go to head against logic

  • East: Dan – Judge his people; Small, powerful tribe, defeating mighty enemy; Waiting for salvation; Warning: Be on guard against fearing giants.

  • South: Simeon – Heard and hearer; Place of answered prayer and spoken word; A fighter; Warnings of that which to guard against (similar to Levi): Instrument of cruelty; honour not in assembly; soul not in counsel – individualistic.

  • South: Issachar – Wages/prosperity; Burden bearer/ Lying down between burdens; Knowing the times; Band of slaves; Insightful

  • South: Zebulon – Dwelling/haven; Dwell by sea/place of rest with His Spirit; Borders Sidon (meaning place of catching fish).

  • West: Gad – Troop and fortune; Team based; Though trampled shall triumph at last as a troop

  • West: Asher – Joy; Bread shall be rich; Mature bread; Yield royal dainties; Kings precious gifts

  • West: Naphtali – Wrestling; Working things through; Deer set loose; Feet on high places; User of beautiful words (prophetic/teaching).

This is by no means complete, however I believe provides some good understanding as to the basic nature of the heavenly gates in the differing directions. Much more can be said, and another layer to come includes understanding the apostolic nature of each gate. There is also an important aspect relating to the difference between the territory/land a group or tribe may be asked to live in as opposed to the differing gates we are asked to keep, noting in Ezekiel 48 allocation of land differing from allocation of gate.

Some aspects of these gates seem to be more readily manifested in different places around the world. As we seek to understand the specific gates around our city, church or state we would see support for what we discern in that which is revealed in Scripture, even when looking at those characteristics revealed through the tribal natures. To understand this further we can work this through by looking at the example of Hobart, where while the main emphasis of the gates are consistent with other parts of the world, there are particular aspects peculiar to each region.

  • Northern Gate(s) – Gate of Authority and Gate of the Priestly Intercessor; The Lion of the tribe of Judah and the priestly order of Melchizedek seems to be the major anointing and figures associated with this gate. Those (or churches) operating strongly in the apostolic and intercession would flourish here -> Here you see aspects of Judah and Levi particularly, with the Lion of Judah/King’s Sceptre strong, as well as the Priestly mantle. Note also the reference to Son!

  • Eastern Gate(s) – Glory gate, Entrance gate. Strongly associated with the prophetic (especially of the Elijah/John the Baptist way) and worship. Prophetic worship is the key to this gate, and one where prophetic and worship anointing will flow -> Here the prophetic and kingly/glorious elements of Joseph are touched on. Along with his pioneering role, and the beloved Son who the Father blesses. Benjamin also revealing the Son of God nature and the right response to worship Him.

  • Southern Gate(s) – Shepherd Gate; Gate of fellowship. Those with a strong shepherding/pastoral anointing and those who seem to have an anointing for Christ like fellowship will flourish in this gate -> Note the links to the haven/dwelling nature of Zebulon; The banding together of Issachar; and a place of being heard as relating to Simeon. Southern gate perhaps one that has an important prophetic role of revealing/setting times in the Lord.

  • Western Gate(s) – Gate of the Elders; Teaching Gate. Strong anointing here for elders and teachers, and perhaps one where a church of elders would flourish -> The rich, mature bread of Asher; Use of beautiful words as revealed in Naphtali, along with setting loose deer with feet on high places; and the teaming/troop of Gad reveal the eldership and teacher anointing and character of this gate.

When we align our purposes, gifts, anointing, and call with those of the above, then we start to work the keys that open these gates and also more closely team with the work of our Lord’s angels.

There is much more that could be said about specific location of gates, the role of gatekeeper (intercessors) and watchmen (prophets) and kings (apostolic leaders), other structures such as bridges and wells, however I think that the above is probably sufficient (and maybe too much!) for your consideration. One interesting insight I will also add is that the Bible seems to reveal times where our locations and purposes are reassigned and we need to re-position ourselves to meet with that change. Noting the changes in gate assignments as revealed in Deut. 2 and allocation of land in Joshua, to that in Ezekiel 48 as an example of what can occur. To some extent this seems to have a sense that this can relate to returning to God’s original plan or moving into a new season.

With Regards to Location

My prayers are with you as you discern where you should next be based. Maybe the journeying around has been necessary in order to help the church further understand it is in transition moving from the old to the new, and helping to shake off that which needs to go in order to move into the future. Christ reminded us in the gospel of John that even good things need pruning..as painful as that can be and I sure you have a more detailed understanding of that than I. As with Moses, we sometimes need to learn to speak to the rock and not strike it.

Some preamble

There has been some interest in my comments regarding the spiritual gates of Hobart, or other cities, and as they may help guide you in your discernment of where you are to be based. I offer the following brief commentary as a follow-on to the above understanding of the natures of God’s Kingdom structures and how they relate to where we base ourselves (either in the sense of a business, church, or personally). Of course it must be first said that this wonderful mystery of God granting us our free will, and yet guiding our feet and establishing our boundaries is also being played out in our lives. In relation to “heavenly gates” there is now much material available on this part of God’s unseen kingdom, and I believe is part of the spiritual realm that we are coming to understand more about in these latter days – or regain a renewed understanding of that which many in the Bible were well acquainted with.

In essence I understand that as portrayed in many part of the Bible (such as Psalms, e.g. Ps. 24, Daniel, Revelations, Zechariah, Ezekiel etc, Nehemiah) there are structures that form part of His unseen kingdom, and many of these are somehow revealed or linked to the visible realm. Examples include Bethel (see Jacob’s ladder), Mt Moriah (Temple mount); Shechem (Sychar), Jordan River (where John the Baptist and Elijah ministered), Mt. Carmel, Mt. of Olives, and road to Philistines (where sun stood still, and Philip was translated). In addition, we also understand that as living stones of His Church, and those who are the temple of the living God, we also represent parts in His heavenly kingdom, and in fact are heaven’s gate, where heaven meets earth. See previous information provided for more information on some aspects of our role in relation to these unseen structures of God’s kingdom on earth.

As a seer my journey with God over a quite a few years has involved both spiritual mapping and ministry, I have also gained what I understand to be some sense as to God’s design for how the spiritual and earthly structures align, and perhaps God’s intended structures. Heaven’s gates do also come under attack from the enemy and Satan does seek to build his gates against God’s intended plan, and thus Christ’s commission to Peter that the enemy gates will not prevail. It does seem that while many have been battling against these gates of the enemy, we now need to start understanding the nature and purpose of the Lord’s gates as they reveal places where mighty releases of heaven on earth can occur as we align with His purpose and their function.

City Gates

While these gates can apply on a personal, church, state, national, or indeed international level, I would like to describe below my understanding of the gates of Hobart, and the Sunshine Coast. I believe there are central aspects of the gates consistent across His creation, but other elements specific to each area. As with the City of David and the temple in the Old Testament (and the new city and temple as revealed in Ezekiel) there are outer and inner gates, however I believe there are some keys to understanding those gates when looking at the four main directions (North, South, East and West).

  • Northern Gate(s) – Gate of Authority and Gate of the Priestly Intercessor; The Lion of the tribe of Judah and the priestly order of Melchizedek seems to be the major anointing and figures associated with this gate. Those (or churches) operating strongly in the apostolic and intercession would flourish here.

  • Eastern Gate(s) – Glory gate, Entrance gate. Strongly associated with the prophetic (especially of the Elijah/John the Baptist way) and worship. Prophetic worship is the key to this gate, and one where prophetic and worship anointings will flow.

  • Southern Gate(s) – Shepherd Gate; Gate of fellowship. Those with a strong shepherding/pastoral anointing and those who seem to have an anointing for Christ like fellowship will prosper in this gate.

  • Western Gate(s) – Gate of the Elders; Teaching Gate. Strong anointing here for elders and teachers, and perhaps one where a church of elders would flourish.

My sense of these gates are that they provide a link to heaven, where we can see an ever greater work of God as we align with the way of the gates and perhaps the angelic realm called to man these gates. It is sometimes necessary to call the church and the heavenly hosts in these gates to arise and awake. While churches and individuals can be based anywhere, and the gifts of God in a church and an individual should be able to made manifest in any place, there is a sense that the open gates of heaven will be particularly manifest when we align with their heavenly nature, and perhaps even await those appointed to take their place in the respective gates. This may partly explain why some ministries and churches prosper or not in one location, and change when moving to another place. God does appoint our dwelling places and boundaries. We should seek His will as to where we should be, and not ignore His plans.

Children in the Gates

Precious are the children of Rachael, from whom Jesus Christ chose to come into this world. In the same way those spiritual children of Rachael, including infants, are so precious today as they are the ones in whom Christ still chooses to manifest Himself. The need for intercessors to weep for those children is also clear, and in doing so see the deliverance of Christ(ians).

In Matt. 2:18 we see the prophetic call of the Old Testament manifested with Rachael weeping for her children – in the generational line for Jesus – as those two and under are killed around Bethlehem. However Jesus had left this place of birthing (Bethlehem, south of Jerusalem) and moved to Nazareth (near Galilee) in the far north after returning from the place of refuge (in this case Egypt) as a young child and grew up. It is from this area that He then went to nearby Capernaum witnessing to His purpose and power and the commencement of ministry in many signs and wonders – a place which became His home. This land of Zebulun and Naphtali, under the Mosiac Covenant and Joshua assignment, by the sea of Galilee of the Gentiles, being perhaps a most appropriate place for The Apostle to start His ministry as under the New Covenant assignment of territory it is in the Northern Gates given to Reuben, Judah, and Levi. As mentioned previously, the latter two tribal placements revealing the Apostolic (Judah – Lion of the Tribe of Judah; Sceptre carrier) and Order of Kingly Priest and Intercessor (Melchezidek – fulfillment of Levi priestly call) anointings/assignment. Such a place gate seems to be a good place to grow up in and then minister out of – particularly if you are an Apostle.

Looking a little deeper, perhaps such a testimony of Christ also reveals the aspects of God’s Kingdom structures and how they relate to children and their ministry for Him. While the South Gate may have been the assigned place to birth such a Child (and even in the future children and children’s ministry) it is the North and East Gate (discussed later) that we see such ministry and anointing flourish in its own right.

While we have discussed the Apostolic and Priestly/Intercessory aspects of the North Gate, the other part is that which speaks of Reuben – the first, beginning of My strength; and excellence. Combine this with Judah - anointed one; whom your brothers praise; Lion, scepter holder; mystery (eyes darker than wine; teeth whiter than milk) – and you can see aspects that relate very much to children.

Another gate that also seems to have very strong links to children is that of the East (Prophetic Worship/Glory) Gate. Such a place speaks of Joseph and Benjamin – most beloved children of the father. Joseph – fruitful bow; strength of God; blessing of Jacob/Abraham; Prophetic Dreamer; Authority; Blessed/Favoured Child – revealing the sweet anointing for children in such a place. Benjamin – devourer of prey; ravenous wolf; fierce spirit; favoured son; faithful to Judah – revealing the strength of such work that can occur through children and the reason for such close links with the apostolic and authority anointing. Perhaps the mistake of the church has been to relegate children to the hidden areas, rather than aligning them closely to those who move in apostolic and prophetic anointing.

It is also interesting to see that under the new covenant/restored structures of God’s Kingdom (Ezek. 47:13-21) that the northern lands also speak of Manasseh and Ephraim (children of Joseph) - which includes areas around Galilee. In addition the land north of Jerusalem and speaks of also Judah and Reuben, thus pointing to the restoration of the first born; and the sons of the north.

What does this mean for children? Firstly, if you wish to see children move mightily for Christ, in His power, ensure they are not hidden away from right leadership, rather placed alongside the apostolic and prophetic gifts in the Church. Secondly, be aware that when birth occurs for children’s ministry be aware that in may be best to do so in a shepherding/caring environment, however for it and children to grow flourish in His power moving to an Apostolic of Prophetic Gate maybe be the best thing, particularly if this is a pioneering (first born) work in your city or region.

To conclude

While I can see that heavens gates as associated with a city or state may be hard to “pin down” there are general understandings that do apply and whether in the outer or inner gates of “spiritual Hobart (Tasmania)” or a region like the Sunshine Coast in Queensland (as an example) there is something to be gained in knowing the nature of gates in each direction. As you seek to understand the call on your life, or the business or church, and some of the stronger anointings in your leadership team and the ministry of the church or nature of the business, may the Lord also reveal to you the location where you may flourish. It is also worth noting that there are seasons in our lives, and as such we can find ourselves being realigned to Kingdom structures during these changes in season. As an example, a church may first start out and prosper well in the west of Hobart, if its primary ministry and gifting is as elders and teachers do flourish in the west. For a new season the church is you are to enter maybe the area is still relevant, or perhaps the new generation (let them speak) will reveal a new season and place for the church to reflect a new focus of ministry.

Stay tuned for more to come on the gate keeper anointing, and how the Lord provides insights to your assignment.

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