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Worship Intercession

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Key to a full life, is to live one of praise unto the Lord God...and fundamental to a life of intercession.

It is through the praises of God that we enter in to His heavenly presence, and to the place in which we are to dwell. Whether interceding in the spiritual gates of a city or nation, or to enter in to the place of hope in our own lives, it is so important we receive a revelation and heart for this powerful truth..to worship in Spirit and Truth.

Lord, entering in to the gates of heaven with thanks giving, and in to Your courts with praise – Psalm 100:4

Read Revelations 5:8-14

Our prayer

Thank you Lord God these gates are called Praise – Is. 60:18.

So we come in praise, and declare “Lift up your heads, O you gates, and be lifted up you everlasting doors, and the King of glory shall come in”…Ps 24:7..

So Lord, we thank You that You come and inhabit our praise, and You let Your presence abide richly with us, let it be made manifest, that we may see heaven on earth, and our praises be lifted up to You.

Lord, I thank You for Your blessing and uplifting of those who come and truly bring their sacrifices praise. Lord it is indeed a sweet smelling aroma unto You, and let You consume it with Your fire, revealing more of Your glory.

Lord as we come in prayer, we thank you that as two or three gather in Your name You are present. As we agree with You and each other it is done on earth, as in heaven. The blessing of heaven coming to as we dwell in unity in prayer.

Lord Jesus, may our prayers be as those who know we are seated with You in heavenly places, at the right hand of our Father, by Your Spirit. Reveal to us Your intercession, and Holy Spirit anoint us to join with Christ as He prays. Standing in the gaps for His creation, and also projecting forth prophetically His plans and purposes for earth, His church, and His children….so indeed Your will is indeed done on earth as it is in heaven.

Thank you Holy Spirit You come and lead us in prayer and praise.

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