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Canopy Alert: Virtual Virus Pandemic Threat

Intercessors Alert: Virtual Virus Pandemic Threat

Date: September 2020

Key verse: You have hedged me behind and before, and laid Your hand upon me. (Psalm 139:5)

Summary: Time to pray in to the heavenly realm, to strengthen the canopy over our regions, people, and nations against a planned viral pandemic that is cyber/internet based, rather than biological, which is designed to leverage the COVID-19 fear and uncertainty. Evil forces within the Red Dragon and Bear nations are colluding to develop a multi-facetted series of computer viruses that will quickly replicate, if allowed, to move as a global wave of fear and disruption. Somewhat sinister in nature, the threats are to those things that have provided societal cohesion, and support, during these times of enforced social separation/distancing, such as virtual gatherings, open air parklands, gaming, and internet meetups. Cleverly the threat will be disguised, sometimes appearing as ransomware threats, attacking naming and identity services, target mobile (smart devices) communications, as well as desktop-based solutions, meetup services such as Zoom, gaming consoles, large scale online games, and gaming forums. This virus will be like a swarm of hornets, targeting those in the community . The strategy is to cause further weakness in nations, to allow for easier expansion, coercion to their doctrine, and economic gain. But God has exposed the schemes and calls to His faithful prayer warrior to build with Him the shield that will bring protection, and to wield the spiritual weapons that will pull down the enemy’s plan.

Note: While in some ways this is not an unknown threat, the coordination behind it, and the technology deployed, is new, as to the vulnerability of people and economy of many nations.


As the Lord has revealed, the earth is being shaken, and so to all its institutions, and the church is not exempt from this. Those things built on man will be exposed, and our hearts revealed as to who we believe is Head of the church, Christ, or man. In this, the Lord is working out His good purpose, with a heart of love, perfecting His Bride, and preparing us for His return. Out of love He calls to her with His perfect heart, and those faithful to Him respond to the call, and through trusting in Him in the shaking, and allowing Him to purge us of the things of the world, so He can fill us more with His holy presence. God calls us to dwell in the heavenly places with and in Christ. It is in this place we intercede with Him.

As the shaking comes in wave after wave, much turbulence will occur. During these days, the ‘pandemic wave’ of COVID-19, the impacts of the virus, and the governments responses, mean many in the world live in fear, and cry out for help. He calls us to respond in prayer, love, and truth. Sadly, societies are struggling, and some dark forces are seeking to use this to further destabilise regions, nations, and people groups, with a view to gain, even further their empires. As such God calls the body of Christ, to intercede with Him to see those living in fear to turn to God, seeking His face, and trust in in His, so as to be founded on the Rock, Jesus Christ….for more shaking will come.

The Intercessory Alert

Through prophetic dreams, and prayer, we understand the Lord has provided insight for another possible viral pandemic to come, and this is intended to compound the issues already created by COVID-19. The warning provided so we can intercede against the impact and prepare in advance. As in the first wave, this fear has origins from a foreign state, unlike the first wave, this virus will not be biological, rather virtual, with cyber and robotics the agents use for proliferation and impact. Putting it plaining, a foreign state(s) – look to demonic forces within the Red Dragon (China), with the aide some with the Red Bear (Russia), and others – will seek to create further fear, disconnection, pain, and chaos through broad, but targeted, computer and internet based viral attacks. A key threat is stealing our identities and information for ransom or corrupt activities, and for further control, with the harm created to further divide communities, further destabilise key nations, and create distraction from other threats.

This computer, and robotics, based threat will target broad community gatherings, and surprise national defence and cyber defences, who typically prioritise national infrastructures, institutions, and key industry sectors for protection. Somewhat sinister in nature, the threats are to those things that have provided societal cohesion, and support, during these times of enforce social separation/distancing, such as virtual gatherings, open air parklands, gaming, and internet meetups. Cleverly the threat will be disguised to ransomware threats, attack identity and internet addressing services, target mobile (smart devices) communications, as well as desktop-based solutions, large scale online games and gaming forums. The use of artificial intelligent robotic software drones, and internet-based crawler technology, means the solutions will seek to spread wide, and adapt to defensive measures. The intent is to create significant fear that will further limit real and virtual gatherings, create further distrust of authorities and division, as well as further the economic crisis as the costs of response further compound national debts, as well as individuals’ finances.

This multi-pronged threat will target internet solutions such as addressing services, network solutions such as mobile communications and Wi-Fi (particularly public), and also seek to attack people in their homes through smart devices, computers, and gaming consoles. Virtual connection services such as new video conferencing services, massive multi-people gaming solutions, and other organisation online conferencing solutions are particularly vulnerable. The trojans, malware, viruses, and related attack agents will often seek to take identities, or lock away information, with the offer of restoration for a fee, or fixed only through major, and costly system fixes…they will extract their flesh. Some of these viruses will be delivered by free and paid gaming and online meeting services, appearing safe in nature, and providing good services and even enjoyment, only to become a delivery tool for darker purposes.

The multi-pronged attack, and the use of ransomware like solutions, is intended not only to maximise impact, but also to hide the identities of the true attackers, cleverly cloaking them to appears as if coming from organised and independent crime and hacker organisations, as well as other foreign states. However, the controlling-spirit elements of the attack will be not missed in their design. Alarmingly, as if to reveal that the real enemy is not countries, but in the spirit realm, governments of our own nations will seek to utilise this to further control your physical and virtual activities, in the guise of protecting us from a common enemy.

Our Response

The Lord reveals such things to His watchmen and intercessors, to both alert others, and to prayer against the impact of such an attack, and maybe even to cause it to fall before it develop. The Holy Spirit seeking to bring into the light that which is intended for even greater harm to the earth, and God’s people, and the Lord’s lost children. Our response is not one of fear, rather to join with Christ in intercession, knowing the battle is not ours but God’s, and He will crush Satan and his evils forces under our feet.

The Lord’s prayer strategies:

  • Defend – giving over the battle to the Lord (for it is His[1]) and trusting in Him being our shield[2] and rear guard.

  • Attack with the Sword of the Spirit[3], the Word of God, seeking His Scriptures and prophetic insights to pray

  • Sound the alarm

  • That the Lord will open the eyes to our leaders and nations defences to see this new threat, and to respond with wisdom and insight

  • Intercessors and prophets unite and stand in the gap[4] for their nations and regions

  • The people would repent of opening doors of darkness through their sins and rejection of the Lord to pursue selfish needs, turning to the Redeemer.

  • Peace and hope would fill His believers, and they would shine so into their communities – casting out the spirit of fear

  • Individuals and families would be filled with wisdom and discernment to foresee computer and related virus threats and react accordingly

  • The Lord establish a firewall around your communities, and your nations, hedging[5] you in from the attack of the enemy, placing His shield that extinguishes[6] the fiery darts

  • People and governments would NOT respond with fear[7], particularly by abandoning the internet and mobile communications services, which is part of the enemy’s scheme -> Rather, respond with peace, purpose, and wisdom, a sound mind, and stay connected with each other

  • The Lord would create confusion and ambushes in the enemy’s camps, causing the federation of foreign actors responsible for this plan to attack each other[8].

  • The Lord would cause the very scheme of the enemy to backfire, bringing them to their prayer knees, seeking forgiveness and turning from darkness.

[1] 1 Samuel 17:47; 2 Chronicles 20:15; Isaiah 52:12; Isaiah 58:8 [2] Psalm 18:2,30; Proverbs 30:5 [3] Ephesians 6:17; Hebrews 4:12 [4] Jeremiah 27:18; Ezekiel 13:5; 22:30 [5] Job 1:10; Psalm 139:5 [6] Ephesians 6:16 [7] 2 Timothy 1:7 [8] Judges 7:22; 1 Samuel 14:20; 2 Chronicles 20:22,23

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